One of the best ways to advertise your Company is through the medium of laptop on rent. Now days everyone prefers to own their own laptop rather than using it on rent. This is because of the many advantages that you can enjoy by owning a laptop rather than using the one that is provided by the customer. These are:

Companies usually give a laptop for rent at affordable prices and then require you to work for them exclusively for a certain period of time. For example a big BPO Company might give you a new laptop on lease as a training device till you are fully trained or until you start doing client projects with them. Many corporate companies provide their employees training devices on lease because most of them are very expensive and do not involve any long term contracts. Thus, employee training and laptop on rent become a very viable option for them. The employees also feel more secured as they know that they are being trained well by their superior and hence remain efficient in their respective offices.

People prefer to rent laptops because the companies charge very less when compared to purchasing them and thus they are a much cheaper option compared to employee training devices. There are many companies in Delhi that rent out a wide range of computer equipment such as: i5 laptop, i7 laptop, HP laptop, IBM laptop, LCD for laptop, etc. The companies also provide services such as on site servicing, delivery and storage of equipment, free shipping if ordered over a certain distance and support in the form of manuals, user guide and other downloadable material in case of any problem. For selecting the companies that rent out a laptop, you can either search in your city and contact several rental companies or you can even look for companies online and browse through the websites. It is very important to make sure that you only consider a company that has a good customer support system so that you can get your rented laptop repaired as soon as possible without any complications. Customer care is extremely important in case of any malfunction or problem arising with your rented laptop.

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One of the most popular reasons why people go for laptop rental in Delhi is because of price. Renting a laptop in Delhi is much cheaper than purchasing it. The price of a laptop ranges from approximately INR 15 thousand to more than twenty-eight thousand dollars and the higher the laptop is in terms of its specifications, the more it will cost. However, there are a number of service providers available who offer cheap laptop rentals in Delhi.

When you decide to rent a laptop in Delhi, you will be provided with an access code that will allow you to rent a laptop according to your requirement and at a stipulated date and time. In case you are renting two or more laptops, all you need to do is let the laptop rental provider know in advance and he will assign you different accounts. Therefore, if you need a laptop for business purposes, then specify the type of laptop that you want to be rented.

When you are looking to rent a laptop, you will also need to check the memory of the laptop and the hard drive space that are provided by the rental company. The hard drive space refers to the amount of RAM that is installed in your laptop. More RAM will allow you to store more files on your laptop and will enable your laptop to perform faster. On the other hand, fewer hard drives will give your laptop the space it needs to store less data. Hence, it is important to determine the requirement of your laptop before you rent one.